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tisserovefhix whispered: Hello!~ Just wondering what canvas size do you normally draw with, and what pixel size are your line arts? :o

I usually start with 1450 x 1700 but I have a habit on sketching on a small portion of it haha ;;. My lineart brush size is around 3 - 5 pixels depending.

Anonymous whispered: How do you do your gradients and shading? do you just pick random areas to put a darker colour and use a layer setting orrr???

You gotta consider the light direction first? I’m not the best at explaining but you should be able to find basic tutorials of lighting/shading which will do better at explaining than I will ;;. I’m still not the best at shading so theres obvious shading mistakes here and there if you look closely(ornot). Mainly I do my shading on the multiply layer and with a black overlay.

Fox with 9 tails? Why not cat with 9 tails?


Felt like drawing a Kirlia

Quick experiment


My other part of the art trade with Ebon! Sorry it took so long! ; A ; I didn’t really know what I was going for here but I hope you like it! hehe asd;;; It was fun doing the art trade with you * A *