I finally found some use for Zane. ; v ; I thought of making new set of Human OCs but HHHH I’m too attached to Zane atm to just forget about him.

Some basic idea of who Zane is, he was created a year ago for a certain Pokemon OCT but I didn’t last long in it haha;;. Though now I had to drag him out of the Pokemon Universe into an entirely new world.

Do you do requests? Commisions? Trades?

I may take requests sometimes when I ask for it but not currently. Nope for commissions since I dont have a paypal account and for art trades, I may or may not accept. You can try your luck but mostly depend on my mood really.

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Playing around with designs and I’m finally happy with one! ; v ;/ Oh and yes, shes my Fursona I suppose.

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For the friend-art-meme-style-exchange-art-thingy meme with Sylvus!

I had LOTS of fun doing this actually. ; v ;

Original pic

Rushed coloring for this one. Just wanted to finish this before I head off to bed~

I never thought Charmeleons a fun pokemon to draw.

You have the best mewsona ever. Just so you know. Very handsome.

AAAahhhh why thank you! ; A ;

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Mew mew~

My style changes a lot but I dont mind really since its kinda fun trying out something new and different!