brother ain’t shocking around

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I used to have a four legged cheetah OC named Sven. Now I just turned him into an bishieAnthro hahaha ;;

Sven with Sunglasses alt

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HHNGGG my attemp to design a cheetah character cause I used to really like cheetahs back then. e v e

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I finally drew something I’m proud of! ; n ;/ drawingshoesisapainintheass

I swear whenever I draw Renko, his design changes sobs. How do you design outfits

Oh heyyy its Hiuuuu

I wanted to keep my mind off something so I painted something simple even though its rather messy. ;; This is Vee, whos now a Garchomp in my Y team.

Probably Renko. I wanted to design a Halloween character. > 3 <



A quickie

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