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freezeflare whispered: Do you run/did you used to run ask-locke-the-luxray?

Yep! I thought this was supposed to be obvious haha ;;; 

Locke doodles! 

I’m gonna be posting arts in the weekends now. Gotta dedicate the weekdays to college from now on. u v u

Something similar to this~ A bit too cluttered but I just LOVE doing pics like this. 

I’m sick today //sobs all my doodles came out terrible so I figured I might as well colored one of my unfinished doodles. u v u

Trying something new uhuhu. 

Also thank you for 1000 followers! I deeply appreciate all your support. I hope you guys enjoyed your stay! ; v ;/

I’ve been doodling these 2 boys waaaayyy too much. ;;;;;

Hiu and Renko~

So I got Jun and Bruno in my B2 Nuzlocke Team. ` u`